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Little White Lies
Is Hollywood failing Lupita Nyong’o?
Film Review: “The Secret in Their Eyes”

Huck Magazine
’90s kids in their bedrooms: 20 years on
How music transformed Malawi prisoners into Grammy-winning artists
The A-list celebrities and their terrorist, dictator superfans
The time early-’90s club kids met Joan Rivers
How government-backed, billion-dollar lotteries exploit those most in need
Has the world hit compassion fatigue for refugees?
A personal tribute to David Bowie, the sound of my childhood
The man fighting to save UK music venues and the alternative cultures created within
– How political correctness at university is threatening student art
– Why politicians naming their favourite musicians (almost) always fails
– Film Review: “Sherpa”
– Best film posters of 2015
More stories, updated daily, can be found at Huck

The Big Picture Magazine
Four Frames: “Unfriended”

Formula Life Magazine
Life Formula: Annie Tempest
Steps to Success
Life Formula: Maurice Reeves
Miami Is So Yesterday
Tubular Belle

Venue Magazine
“Scream”: Don’t Reboot Me, Mr. Ghostface
Azealia, Azalea, Appropriator
American Dreamers: Child Stars and Post-Fame
Larry Clark: Won’t Somebody Think of the Children
Many additional feature articles and reviews published within Venue can be found on the Index page here, or archived on the official Concrete website here.


Undergrowth: UEA’s Creative Writing Anthology 2015 (Co-Editor) (2015)
Published by Egg Box, available to purchase here.

News Eats Man (Art Director) (2015)
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The Birthday Party (Editor and Art Director) (2014)
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The Birthday Party

Venue (Editor) (2014 – 2015)
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Livewire 1350 (Show Host, 2014)
For four months I hosted a series for Livewire 1350 titled Sonic Youths, chronicling teenage anthems through music history. All episodes are embedded here.

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